Don’t be Afraid

Bankruptcy Can Seem Real Scary

We know that bankruptcy can seem real scary

But in fact it is one of the most powerful legal tools available. In fact many celebrities, pro athletes, and idolized people have filed for bankruptcy.

Donald Trump, financier
Michael Jackson, singer
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, composer
Kim Bassinger, actress
Mike Tyson, boxer
Mark Twain, humorist
Burt Reynolds, actor
Billy Joel, Singer-filed several times
Thomas Jefferson, patriot and president
Gary Coleman, child actor
MC Hammer, rap singer
Willie Nelson, country singer
Lorraine Bracco, “The Soprano’s” actress
Charles Goodyear, inventor of vulcanized rubber
PT Barnum, circus promoter
L. Frank Baum, author of “The Wonderful Wizard of Oz”
Mathew Brady, Civil War photographer
Oscar Wilde, playwright
Jerry Lee Lewis, rock singer
Rembrandt, painter
Henry Heinz, ketchup magnate
Milton Hershey, chocolate magnate
Henry Ford, auto magnate
Johnny Unitas, football player
Wayne Newton, entertainer
Mickey Rooney, actor
Debbie Reynolds, actress
John Connally, former Texas governor
Walt Disney, creator of Mickey Mouse
Mick Fleetwood, rock singer
Merle Haggard, country singer
Ulysses S. Grant, president and Civil War general
Dorothy Hamill, figure skater
Larry King, talk show host
Bowie Kuhn, former baseball commissioner
Stan Lee, comic book creator of “Spider Man”

We understand completely. It’s almost like there is a curse on the word, a curse designed to keep you from ever knowing the truth.



  • Scary is being deep in debt and not knowing what to do.
  • Scary is knowing that your paycheck is spent before you even get it.
  • Scary is knowing that the repo man is after your car.
  • Scary is not knowing where your family will live after the mortgage company takes your home.
  • Scary is not having enough money to pay the creditors and still put food on the table.
  • Scary is when your kids have to do without.

Compared to these things, bankruptcy is NOT scary at all.

In fact, because of the curse on the word, we don’t even like to use the word ‘bankruptcy’.

In truth, bankruptcy is so good and so powerful, and does so much to give people their lives back, that we like to think of it as more correctly referred to as:

“Filing To Get Your Life Back”

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